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Custom Oil Paintings

Long before I ever thought about drawing a design for a greeting card, I was painting dogs.  My dogs, friend's dogs, any dog who caught my eye really.  I loved looking at the way their bodies are constructed, the challenge of painting believable fur, and the sheer joy in seeing the eyes give life to what had previously been a flat canvas.  Fortunately I'm still able to devote a significant portion of my professional time to painting - and although the subject hasn't changed much the approach has improved and developed over the years as does any serious pursuit one devotes time and study to.  I'm so pleased you're considering me as a painter of your fond memories and look forward to working with you as we develop your portrait. 

Commissioning a painting is simple, affordable, and fun.  Below are three sizes I offer with some examples of past work and some basic information.  Please send me a message through the contact page so we can begin your project. 

- Rachel 


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